Multichamber  Baler
Vertical Baler

Multichamber Baler

The multichamber baler HMB enables sorting and compacting of different materials directly on the place where they originate. This is the most economic way of solving waste disposal problems in case of low quantities of material. Furthermore we can offer this machine with additional chambers in order to satisfy the individual requirements of the site.


The number of chambers depends on the number of materials. While feeding one chamber, another can be compacted. When the desired bale weight resp. bale volume is achieved, the bale is tied twice and can then easily be removed.

Advantages of the System:

  • can be used for all kinds of materials (i.e. paper, cardboard, plastics, tinplate etc.)
  • takes up minimal space, ready to use
  • sturdy steel design
  • low noise level
  • low filling height, thus easy feeding
  • easy to operate
  • high compaction
  • possibility of extension by further chambers
  • economical even in case of low waste quantities

Vertical baler KBP 20

The vertical baler KBP 20 has been specifically designed for the compaction of cardboard, paper and general packaging materials. It features a high compaction force which provides extreme reduction of volume at a highly competitive price. The operation of the machine is simple and safe. The machine is sturdy and it requires minimal maintenance.

After wrapping the bales are hydraulically lifted and discharged onto a lifting truck or pallet. They can weigh up to 300 kg each and can be stacked neatly and safely in a space saving manner.

Obvious Advantages:


  • Takes up minimal space
  • Large filling opening for cardboard
  • Electrically secured filling door
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic backstroke
  • Bale discharge device
  • Double guided pressure plate
  • Uniquely compact design

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