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Bin Pusher HCP

On every site where only relatively small quantities of waste have to be disposed the use of huge compactors is usually not economic. In order to compact small quantities in an economic way HUSMANN  has designed the Bin Pusher HCP, especially for cardboard boxes, crates, tins etc. which are collected in 660 l or 1100 l bins. This machine is distinguished, above all, by a high compaction degree as well as a sturdy design. It requires only a minimum of space.

Operating Instructions

The compactor is easy to operate:

  • Push the open bin under the compaction plate and fix the lid of the bin at the hook of the compactor.
  • After the feeding of the compactor the compaction plate is moved down hydraulically by means of a hand valve.
  • The supporting plate of the compactor avoids damage to the bottom and the wheels of the bin.

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