Portable Compactor for Use with Hook Lift: E-Typ

These days every company needs, for economical and environmental reasons, a well-considered conception for waste sorting, collection and disposal. A reliable and economically working machine technology belongs to such a total conception. We therefore recommend the use of our new portable compactors of the model E generation with their numerous advantages.

Due to the innovative container construction without sections in connection with the well-considered and proven HUSMANN compactor technology a high compaction degree and consequently a higher filling density are ensured. The frequency of transport and, as a result, the costs for transport can be considerably reduced. The special form improves clearly the discharge. Furthermore the smooth container walls can be used as a big advertising space.

The machines are easy to maintain, extremely sturdy and very reliable. They convince due to their well-planned, robust construction and a long service life.


Quality Features of the Portable Compactors, E-Generation:

  • Easy feeding and trouble-free discharge due to the smooth conical container construction (on 3 sides) without sections
  • High filling weight due to circulation of the waste at the curvatures of the container door
  • Galvanized ratchet closing mechanism
  • Robust safety bar in order to keep the door open while discharging
  • Compactor floor made of high wear close-grained construction steel
  • 3 removable inspection hatches at the in case of repair or service works
  • Adjustable ram, guided in polyamide
  • Reinforced sliding plates with milled craping edge
  • Easy feeding due to low filling height
  • Crashing protection over the control switches
  • Standard design with timer, oil and temperature control as well as motor protection
  • Low noise level hydraulic pump
  • Wide range of accessories on request compaction body for good accessibility

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