Screw Compactor HSP

The static HUSMAN screw compactor HSP is most suitable for the compaction of general waste and dry waste for recycling. Its outstanding features are, above all, the sturdy and long wearing design, the low noise level and minimum space requirement.

The waste is dragged via the rotating screw, thus continuously feeding the attached container. The reduction of volume and size of the waste as part of this process ensures optimum weights of the containers.

A container full light will show the optimum degree of compaction. The compactor cuts out automatically and the container can be replaced.


  • The short distance between the screw shaft and the body will prevent piling-up when feeding expanding material
  • The last third of the screw shaft length consists of wear and tear resisting material (hard surfacing) in order to avoid wear
  • The rotational movement of the screw shaft enables continuous feeding
  • Long service life due to the oversized double bearing of the screw shaft

Standard Equipment:

  • Timer for adjustment of running time
  • Container full light
  • Auto reverse
  • Standard hopper
  • Double bearing
  • Axial bearing

product images: