Shifting Systems

HUSMANN  traversing shifting systems are suitable where containers, compactors, static compactors or other systems have to carry out longitudinal and/or traversing movements.

Due to the variety and the proven components HUSMAN can realize even complicated moving and replacing processes. For the complete range of 1100 l bins, open top containers as well as compaction containers up to 60 m³ trailer containers HUSMANN shifting systems are applied all over the world.


Available designs:

  • Traversing shifting system for one, two or more containers
  • Longitudinal shifting device
  • Traversing and longitudinal shifting system (X-Y-displacement)
  • Electric motor driven, hydraulically steerable
  • Transport device with drawbar and swivel bolster for skip type or hook type system
  • Scissor-type elevating platform with moving device
  • Lifting device with integrated hydraulic aggregate
  • Shifting system with curve running gear
  • Square shifting system consisting of lifting device and U-shifting device
  • Gear firmly mounted on a compactor
  • Live roller conveyor driven or undriven


  • Cable drum with automatic electric cable winder
  • Live ring, to be operated manually or hydraulically
  • Shifting rails fixed with dowels or embedded into the ground
  • Electric safety bars
  • Shifting device protected by induction loops
  • Position indication on the shifting device
  • Weighing by means of digital weighing system
  • Fully automatic operating procedures (SPS)

Standard Equipment:

  • Track clearer
  • Mechanical limit stop
  • Gear braking motor on every trolley
  • Integral live rollers as container subframe
  • Wheel bedding with 2 self-aligning bearings each and axial bearing












Zinc coated shifting system for skip container



Transport waggon for SPB AN-E