Side Loader / Rear Loader

This new combined model of portable compactor or open container with an integral tipping device represents an adaptable waste handling system.

The existing vehicle fleet – with rolonoff system – can be used considerably more efficient by employing a side loading system. By making only minor investments, many contractors are thus given the possibility to use their vehicles more efficiently and to dispose the waste by employing a professional handling system. So in many cases, the purchase of a special refuse truck will not be required. Take advantage of this adaptable waste handling system!

The side loader will be powered either directly via the hydraulic system of the vehicle or with an additional device as static equipment powered electrohydraulically. 1100 litre bins (other sizes require an additional device) will be lifted and emptied by the vehicle. The standard tipping device has a lifting force of 500 kg. It is possible to increase this force. The lifting system, safeguarded by means of hydraulic components, guarantees simple operation and absolutely safe working conditions. HUSMANN side loading systems comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (Germany). The portable compactor compacts the filled in waste or the collected material, i.e. paper, with a high compaction force in a well-tried manner. 



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