Tin Crusher VK

The „Duale System“ demands separation of recyclable materials and their recirculation. HUSMANN has designed the pre-crushing compactor models VK for the processing of tinplate at sorting plants to reduce the volume and for subsequent processing to briquets of scrap.

Due to their robust design these crushers are well suited for the heavy duty demands existing when such material is being crushed.The high compaction force guarantees the required specific bale weights.

The fully automatic tin crushers of the model VK compact the material in the following way:

  • Pre-compaction of the material fed
  • Repetition of the process until the pre-compacted briquet has reached the required thickness
  • Compaction resulting in a high density briquet
  • Opening of the compaction chamber by lifting the crushing plate
  • The ram moves forward and pushes out the compacted material into a container or onto a transport device
  • The ram returns to the position of the crushing plate
  • Closing of the compaction chamber by lowering the crushing plate
  • The ram moves further back into the end position in order to allow further feeding of the compaction chamber – continuous feeding

Quality Features:


  • Fully automatic operation due to freely programmable PLC control
  • Robust high quality construction
  • Large capacity due to high working speed
  • Low working noise due to inner gear pump
  • Four-way cutter, easily replaceable and adjustable
  • Hopper with light barrier control (machine „ON“ and „OFF“ / to avoid overfeeding)
  • Employable for multi-shift operation due to high performance hydraulic power pack(optional with temperature controlled oil cooler)
  • Replaceable profiled wearing plate

product images: