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Tipping Devices

Wherever in one or more places in a company materials originate which have to be collected first in small bins and then have to be compacted centrally, the use of a tipping device is recommended.

Husmann offers different bin sizes and types sturdy and easy maintainable devices in several designs:

  • Attached, static, for manual or motor-driven operation
  • For standard bins and special bins with a volume from 120 l up to approx. 4 m³
  • With various lifting heights
  • With different lifting power
  • Wide range of accessories, i.e. operation by means of an electrical panel, safety cage etc.

For the different requirements of daily use we offer individual solutions. Here are just some examples for the variety of possibilities:

  • Tipping devices with integral bucket Integrated tipping devices for Zarges containers
  • Integrated tipping devices for static compactors Stationary tipping devices for conveyor systems
  • Tipping devices with automatic lids
  • Motor-driven movable tipping devices for special containers
  • Mobile tipping devices to suit 120 l bins Integrated double tipping devices