2 x MP6000 im Paralellbetrieb mit Rollenbahn fr Container

Transfer Stations

Due to the waste disposal law and the implementing regulations, more and more small landfill sites are being closed with the result that waste has to be transported for long distances from where it originates to central landfill sites, incinerators and to composting and recycling plants.

Due to the relatively low payload of the waste collecting vehicles as well as high labour expenditures, direct transport usually involves unacceptably high costs. Therefore, it has proved expedient to built transfer stations where waste from a certain area can be compacted and transferred to economic transport systems. There are two compaction systems available: the standard system and the pre-crush system.

Referring to the pre-crush system, the waste is first compacted and then pushed into the container. Contrary to this system, waste compaction with the standard system is taking place inside the container. These containers range in their capacity from 20 m³ to 60 m³. The net weight can be ascertained with the aid of a weighing system before, during or after compaction.

The collecting vehicles remain waste vehicles and do not have to be misused as long distance lorries. Thus a cost-saving transport of the waste to central places can be ensured. The road traffic will be relieved and the amount of vehicles on the landfillsite resp. in the central processing plant reduced. Furthermore, the transfer station is not harmful to the environment. There is almost no odour and no noise. It also harmonises with the individual landscape.

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